The “Rich Drop” website was founded in 2016 and operates and conforms to the greek institutional law. “Rich Drop is based in Larissa- Greece and is legally represented, for the provision of information and retail sale of “Rich Drop” products to website users.
Each time you use the Website, you agree that you accept fully and without reservation the terms and conditions contained in this document and pledge to comply with them. In the event that you neither agree nor accept the following terms and conditions, you are kindly requested to not proceed with the use of the website.
“Rich Drop” reserves the right to amend or renew these terms of use, with or without notice, at any time and without liability.
In case of any service of the Website is subject to specific terms of use, the latter shall apply jointly with these terms. In case of conflict, the specific terms of use shall prevail.
These terms constitute the entire agreement with respect to the use of the Site and supersede any prior agreement or representation in relation to the «Rich Drop» and the User.


Those who have full legal capacity under Greek law are entitled to make use of the Website. The use of the Website by minors (under the age of 18) is permitted only with the express consent of adults who have their custody, who are solely responsible for the protection of minors. “Rich Drop” is not responsible for any use of Visitors / Users who do not meet the above properties.


A ‘Person’ is stated as a natural or legal person, and, if provided for under Greek law, an association of persons recognized as having the capacity, but it is not a legal entity.
As “website visitors” is stated any Internet user who visits the website “Rich Drop” without making any writting action on e-shop or any order.
As a user of the site, is stated: Every person who registers and / or purchases any product from the e-shop


A) When registering in e-shop, the user’s registration information requested is necessary for the process of the order of the e-shop and are available for the exclusive convenience.
“Rich Drop” uses the above information in order to execute and perform according to the terms of this (i) the delivery of the order to the delivery address, (ii) to confirm and identify the User, (iii) the presentation of new products offered by “Rich Drop” (iv) the notifications about special offers of “Rich Drop” via email.
B)The collection of personal data is limited only to users who:
1. have placed an order on e-shop and
2. Have registered on the e-shop/website page
The collection of personal data is necessary to support the electronic transactions via the Site, in order to send the products of “Rich Drop” purchased and for special services such as history order, address list wish list etc.


“Rich Drop” may keep and process personal data that users voluntarily register on the Website during the process of registration, always in accordance with the applicable provisions on the protection of individuals against the processing of personal data and on the use of security procedures .
Users of the site acknowledge and accept maintenance and process of personal data for the purpose of which they submit to “Rich Drop”. The information collected through the website are designed to verify the traffic on the site, identification of user requirements for more products and service and processing transactions of users with “Rich Drop”.
The fact of the User submitting personal data when visiting or using the website means acceptance and consent of the User concerning the use of personal data by “Rich Drop”.
Users are solely responsible for any third party storing personal data on the Site without the relevant authorization / consent, and for making false, incorrect or inaccurate information and data to defraud or mislead.
“Rich Drop” reserves the right to use or disclose the user’s personal data if required by law or in good faith indication of when such action is considered essential for (a) compliance with the law, (b ) protect the rights and property of “Rich Drop” (for example and not only for mentioned cases of false or inaccurate order entry, non (re) payment of the order, etc.).
In order to change your personal data or request deletion of personal data, the User may contact “Rich Drop” by e-mail to the email address: sales@richdrop.gr. Change or correction of personal data can also be made through the registration page of “Rich Drop”.


The user adds the products that wishes to purchase to the shopping bag by following step-by-step simple process that is provided by the Site.
Once asked to confirm the order, the shipping address of the goods and the document delivery address, the user is asked to pay by selecting one of the indicated payment methods. (For the moment we can send packages only with payment on delivery).
“Rich Drop” guarantees for the confidentiality of transactions.

“Rich Drop” strives for the proper function of the e-shop, but in any case does not warrant that the operation of the Site / of servers and / or third party sites through which the content is transmitted, will be uninterrupted and disorderly, free of viruses and similar elements. Thus the “Rich Drop” bears no responsibility for any possible damage caused to the visitor / user of the Site or to others and to be associated with the operation of the above.
“Rich Drop” explicitly states that it cannot and is not required to monitor the security and content of third party sites, however, the right to block access to any website if it detects any event, which in the judgment of contrasts with the law and these terms.
“Rich Drop” is committed to deliver products in packaging that is appropriate for their safe transportation.
“Rich Drop” is responsible only for deceit and negligence, in case of delay in delivery of ordered products and the information she gives or services provided through the Site.


When placing the order, User is obliged to declare the shipping address ( “delivery address”). The products sold will be delivered to the delivery address, accompanied by the invoice.
For the shipment of products “Rich Drop” has the right to use any courier company, depending on the delivery address indicated by the User, with the usual delivery schedules kept by courier companies. It is agreed that delivery may be delayed: a) During periods of high commercial traffic, b) Due to adverse weather conditions or other access barriers to the shipping address, c) In any case of force majeure. Furthermore “Rich Drop” does not bear responsibility for any custom fees in other countries, therefore the customer bears the cost in order to accept the package and is his responsibility to be informed about the legal custom fee of his/her country.


Our e-shop is configured so that the User can easily make selection decisions regarding our products.
After submitting your order information, the order is sent by e-mail to you and when it is complete we communicate by phone or email to confirm and send you the products you purchased. After you confirm the order no cancellation is accepted. If a return is necessary due to fault of “Rich Drop”, the company bears the cost of return and delivery of the right product If the User changes his mind about the product he purchased and he/she wants to change it, “Rich Drop” will not undertake the return and shipping costs.

If User wishes to change the products supplied, the user is asked to inform “Rich Drop” within one day from the time of delivery acceptance. To change products, User has to send an email to “Rich Drop” in the email address of “Rich Drop” within the above time period, asking to change the product with another product of her/his choice. For each product that is changed, a copy of the original purchase invoice has to be included in the shipping package.

If the new product is more expensive than the returned product, User is obliged to pay in advance “Rich Drop” the price difference. If the new product’s price is lower than the price of the returned product, the user should select additional products to complete the equivalent of original purchase, as refunds are not accepted under any circumstances.

The changing process is the following:

User sends an email to “Rich Drop” asking to change the purchased product, stating the reason she/he wishes the return.

User packages the product in a box (or more depending on the number of products) to be safe during shipping and places in the package a copy of the original sales invoice.

User sends the package using the services of the courier company from which it received the order, to the address: Papakiriazi 46 str., Larissa (Greece), zip code:41222

User shall solely bear the expenses of packaging and sending. Expenses of packaging and sending shall not be reimbursed.

In case User does not fulfill some of these conditions, “Rich Drop” is entitled to consider that the right to change or return has not validly exercised and therefore reserves the right to refuse the return or change the product. In this case the product will be returned to sender, the latter bearing the relative cost in total.

Return of the price paid is applicable only in case of “Rich Drop” fault and only if User has validly exercised her/his right to withdrawal under the above conditions. It is performed by crediting the relevant amount to the credit card account User has specified when placing the order, within thirty (30) days.

“Rich Drop” reserves the right to change or amend its return policy without notice. Changes or amendments to “Rich Drop” return policy shall not apply to pending orders.

For more information regarding return or change policy, User may contact “Rich Drop” online via contact section at www.richdrop.gr or by e-mail to sales@richdrop.gr


The Website shall be available 24 hours a day. “Rich Drop” is not responsible if the Website is not available for any reason and at any time or for any period of time. Access to the Website may be suspended temporarily and without notice in the event of system failure, maintenance or repair or for any reason beyond control by “Rich Drop” and on grounds of force majeure.


E-shop Visitors and Users shall have the following obligations:

1. To use the Website lawfully and appropriately and to abide by the codes of ethics provided on the Website and/or the relevant legislation. To refrain from any use of the Website’s content and services which is illegal, opposing to business ethics, illicit and/or abusive and to refrain from conducting any actions or omissions that could result in damage or malfunction to the Website or to third parties (such actions or omissions may include, but shall not be limited to, criminal offences considered in the Greek Criminal Code and/or special penal laws, actions or omissions referred in telecoms laws, legislation regarding the protection of personal data as well as the relevant provisions laid down by applicable EU Law, the relevant provisions laid down by the Hellenic Telecommunications and Post Commission, the Hellenic Data Protection Authority and any other Public or Administrative Authority or Department).
2. To not infringe any forms of third parties’ intellectual property rights.
3. To provide true, correct and complete Account Information upon registration. To update their Account Information so that the latter corresponds to the Users’ true current personal information. In the event of ascertainment of inaccuracy in a User Account, “Rich Drop” reserves the right to immediately deactivate the Account.
4. To keep their “Rich Drop” services Account Password secret and not disclose it to any third parties. User is also obliged to inform “Rich Drop” immediately about any unauthorized use of her/his Password or her/his Account by e-mail. “Rich Drop” reserves the right to seek compensation from any User, in the event of any damage caused by any arbitrary and/or illegal use of the above. To confirm that she/he has signed off her/his Account at the end of each session.
5. To provide correct and accurate Payment and Shipping Details for any orders placed in the e-shop.


“Rich Drop” Website uses cookies as part of the facilitation and functioning of the services provided through the Website, as well as to ensure the integrity of the registration procedure. User may adjust the settings of her/his browser application to deny cookies, if she/he so wishes. Possible User’s choice to disable cookies may lead to reduction / impairment of the Website’s interactive capacity and loss of information transmitted.


The entire content of the Website (such content shall include, but shall not be limited to, text, graphics, photos, digital recordings, programs, source code, news, articles, information, data, charts, illustrations, trademarks, distinctive marks, names, logos, product names, company names, etc.) is intellectual property that exclusively belongs to “Rich Drop” or to other suppliers of content and is governed by the applicable Greek, EU and international intellectual property and copyright law and is available to Visitors/Users strictly for personal (non-commercial or profit-making) use.
All kinds of copying, reproduction, transmission, storage, processing, distribution, sale, issuance, execution, download, translation or modification in any way, release, dissemination or any other use of the whole or part of the Website’s content in any way or by any means, for commercial or other purposes is permitted only after the prior written consent of “Rich Drop”. “Rich Drop” reserves its rights to exercise every legal and/or contractual right erga omnes.
All other trademarks, product names, company names, graphics and logos that are registered trademarks, and copyrighted products by third parties or products incorporating intellectual property rights by third parties and are displayed on this Website belong to their rightful owners and fall within their own sphere of responsibility. Their appearance on the Website is not and should not be construed as transferring or granting any license or right of use.


Personal information (such as address, credit card number, account number, and so on) are coded using connection 128 / 256bit SSL. Unauthorized person has no access to these information.
“Rich Drop” has no access to your bank data, and information about banks and debit or credit cards are not saved.
Your personal information such as your name or E-mail is only used to ensure you the best deals available and to inform you regarding to the campaigns of “Rich Drop”.