Taking care of your favorite jewellery!

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Jewellery are usually a reminder of a special day,  of someone special who gave it to you as a present, or that specific one you have spotted a long time ago (you know what we ‘re talking about) and now it ‘s yours!!! We will tell you the moves you have to make and what you must not in order to keep these fellows sparkling and shiny!

Today let’s talk about our silverware! Here are some tips:

  • Silver is a soft metal and usually gets scratched a lot in the surface so don’t wear your silver jewelry when you do your house chores or any other heavy duty
  • When you decide to wipe it use a soft cloth, the one that you use to clean your sunglasses works just fine!
  • Don’ t expose your jewelry in perfumes, detergents or any other bleach products.
  • Don’ t expose your jewelry with precious and semi precious stones in great heat. ( Taking care of your stones article coming soon)
  • Always store your silverware in order and soft boxes when you don’ t wear them. A long exposure in the environment may cause faster oxidization and when you store them solely you avoid the scratches that can be caused by one another. 

And now what you must do to clean your silverware in a few minutes with a non toxic way:

  1. What you’ll need is a baking soda (the one we use in cooking) warm water and a soft brush.
  2. Soak your silver in the water and add about 2 tablespoons of baking soda. Boil it for about 60 seconds and then rinse the jewelry clean
  3. Once dry, brush your jewelry gently with a soft brush to loosen any stubborn dust or dirt.
  4. Dry the piece with soft cloth and “voila”!!! You ‘re done!

Stay tuned for more tips! We would love to hear your questions and suggestions!




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