Rich Drop was founded in 2016 and established  in Larissa (Greece), after long design and planning, aiming to the best result in every jewel we offer, as well as  the best e-shopping experience powered by SparkPlug for your fast and easy service.

Observing worldwide market through web we felt the need to offer a fresh proposal. Something that is difficult to be found in an overcrowded industrialized market, where everything is copied and reproduced.

When we all wear jewelry we want to feel unique, as they where , through the ages, a way of wealth and power demonstration and not something that anyone could possess. This is our goal. To make you feel unique with limited edition handmade products, manufactured with diligent care in every part of them.

In order to accomplish that, Rich Drop manufactures jewelry combining new materials with traditional techniques and trends of modern times.

Using  a resin technique we are allowed to create a special canvas or sculpture for every one of you, that is as special as a fingertip. As a result almost every jewel is unique, cannot be copied and when you get it you should know that it is destined for you.

We address to all ages, create jewelry inspired by all eras and different cultures across the world and their unlimited cultural legacy, in order to come up with ideas that express you the most.

Jewelry that will accompany you at any occasion, designed with a modern sight, elegant and light. Predestined to be worn in comfort and make you shine of confidence, style and elegance.

Everybody deserves a drop of luxury in their daily routine. We design it and offer it to you.